Nigeria government will issue N 20 billion 30-year bond fully backed by the Nigeria Government

Patience Oniha

The director general of the Debt Management office, Patience Oniha gave a briefing on the plan to issue an N 20 billion 30 year bond that will mature in April 2019, followed by another 10-year issue in the amount of N 40 billion.

‘The 10 years N 40 billion note is expected to mature in April 2023, the rate will 12.75 percent if conditions remain the same”- Patience Oniha.

The proceeds from the bond sales will be used to fund annuity funds, other long term investments, developing the capital market and to reduce re-financing risk of the federal government, Patience Oniha revealed during a press conference that was held on April 4, 2019.

She said the issuance of the bond will meet the needs of annuity funds and other long term investors while also developing the domestic capital market and reducing the re-financing risk of the federal government.

“Another area of focus will be the management of risks associated with the debt stock to mitigate debt service costs,” she added

The units for sale will go for N1,000 per unit, and it’s subject to a minimum subscription of N50 million and in multiples of N1,000 thereafter. The bond will be backed by the full faith and credit of the Nigeria government with interest payable semiannually to bondholders, according to people familiar to the transaction details.

The American stock market reaches new highs

The best economy in the world is the American Stock exchange and it continues to reach a new high. All sectors are enjoying the increase in share prices and any international investors who are eligible to invest in the American stock exchange should continue to do so.

The S&P 500 is at 13 percent Year to date and it’s expected to get better if things remain the same.

S&p 500 Year to date, 2019.

S&P 500 past performances

Foreigners how meets eligibility requirement should look into investing in the American Stock Exchange. It’s very lucrative and more reliable.

Central Bank Governor Godwin Emifiele urges people to invest in Nigeria.

Mr. Godwin Emifiele is the current governor of Nigeria Central bank as of April 2019. He said that Nigeria is ready for investors following a successful general election and he presented conditions that will favour investors. 

He said that Nigeria is ready for business and that Nigeria GDP is expected to grow in near feature while meeting with possible investors in Washington DC.

“As at December 2018, a total sum of N178.48 billion had been disbursed through 19 participating financial institutions to 902,518 farmers.

“During the period, over 2.8 million and 8.4 million direct and indirect jobs were created under the Anchor Borrowers Programme,” he said.

He also discussed issues affecting foreign policy. Mr. Emifiele reiterated said that his focus is to ensure price stability, and he boasted about banning items would affect things negatively.  He assured the investors that he would follow up with policies that will establish a stable currency exchange rate, foreign exchange liquidity, vibrancy in the capital market, and an improved supply of foreign exchange with positive GDP growth.

“A lot of work has been done and indeed a lot of work needs to be done but in the midst of this, we are saying that Nigeria is open for business and foreign investors.

“As the monetary and fiscal authority continue to work tirelessly to boost our economy, it is important to portray some of Nigeria’s enduring strength which offers (a) significant reward for current and prospective foreign investors.

“I want you to know that irrespective of the impact of the recession, Nigeria’s economy remains the largest in Africa by the size of its GDP with diversified opportunities across different sectors.

“These sectors include ICT, manufacturing, solid minerals, trade and agriculture,” he added.

American investment case study.

Express posting will set aside funds to be invested in the Amerian stock exchange and we will share the performance at the end of the year.

Our goal is to talk money and also show how each market works by investing our own money in the stock market. We will share the result with you all and you can decide which route you want to go for yourselves.

We will disclose the amount at the end of the year, we will show the starting amount and the year ending amount at the end of the year. Stay tuned.

GT Bank reported earning growth of 1.2 % (N 110.3 billion)

GT bank is listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange and on the London Stock exchange. The bank has branches all over Africa and in some European countries. The bank is being led by Segun Agbaje. He is the Managing Director of Guaranty Trust Bank. He is also a Director on MasterCard Advisory Board Middle East and Africa.

Guaranty Trust Bank plc became a publicly listed on the Nigeria Stock exchange in September 1996.

GT bank’s one year return was down -16.07 percent, with a 30 moving average of 18,239.840.  It’s paying 7.95 dividends.  The earning period of q2/2019 will be due on  July 24, 2019.

Guaranty Trust Bank plc has released its unaudited Financial Results for the quarter ended March 31, 2019, to the Nigerian and London Stock Exchanges.

The Bank recorded positive performance across all financial metrics with gross earnings for the period growing by 1.2% to ₦110.3billion from ₦109.0billion posted in March 2018. Profit before tax improved to ₦57.0billion from ₦52.6billion recorded in the corresponding period of March 2018, representing a growth of 8.3%. Customers’ deposits also rose by 6.0% to ₦2.410trillion in March 2019 from ₦2.274trillion in December 2018, whilst the Bank’s Loan book grew by 1.6% from ₦1.262trillion as at December 2018 to ₦1.282trillion in March 2019.

Balance sheet remained strong with the Bank closing the quarter ended March 31, 2019 with Total Assets of ₦3.556trillion and Shareholders’ Funds of ₦627.2Billion. In terms of Assets quality, NPL ratio and Cost of Risk closed 7.03% and 0.05% in March 2019 from 7.30% and 0.34% in December 2018 respectively. In addition, coverage for NPL stood at 90.12% while Full Impact Capital adequacy ratio remained very strong, closing at 22.25%. On the backdrop of this result, Post Tax Return on Equity (ROAE) and Return on Assets (ROAA) closed at 32.79% and 5.76% respectively. These indices are pointer to GTBank’s strategic positioning in Nigeria and other Countries where the Group operates.

Commenting on the first quarter results, the Managing Director/CEO of Guaranty Trust Bank plc, Mr Segun Agbaje, said; “Going into 2019, we knew that it would be a challenging year, but our strategy and unwavering focus on delivering value for our customers and shareholders continues to underpin our ability to consistently deliver solid results despite changing market variables. We carried on the momentum of the previous year, posting strong growth in earnings, effectively managing costs and leveraging our digital-first customer-centric strategy to deliver world-class services that are simple, cheap and easily accessible.”

He further stated that; “Whilst ensuring the long-term growth of our business is the greatest value that we can create for our communities, we are also leveraging our resources, expertise and network to help people thrive. That’s why, from April 28 to May 1, 2019, we are organizing the biggest food and drink festival in Africa to give small businesses in the food industry the platform, network and access to the markets that they need to grow.”

GTBank has continued to be best in class in terms of Profitability, Efficiency and Capital among Peers and other Financial Institutions in Nigeria. This is evidenced by its Earnings per Share of ₦1.74, Return on Equity (ROAE) of 32.79%, Cost to Income Ratio of 38.64% and Capital Adequacy of 22.25%. These metrics are a testament to the efficient management of the Bank. In recognition of the Bank’s bias for world class corporate governance standards, excellent service delivery and innovation, GTBank has been a recipient of numerous awards over the years. Some of the Bank’s recent awards include 2018 Bank of the Year – Nigeria from the Banker Magazine and 2018 Best Banking Group and Best Retail Bank Nigeria from World Finance Magazine.

Shell plans to Invest $15 Billion in the next 5 Years

Shell cooperation said it would invest $15 billion in Nigeria in Oil and Gas project across Nigeria over 5 years.  And the fund will be disbursed to help with projects around Nigeria.

Shell’s managing director for the Nigeria zone, Nosa Okunbor revealed the plan at the Nigeria Oil And Gas Opportunity Fair (NOGOF).

Shell is gearing up to position itself to be able to compete with Dangote refinery.  Dangote is building a refinery and the refinery set to begin operation very soon.

The 15 billion investments will make Shell a competitor in the Nigeria crude and refinery business. 

“These remain exciting times for Nigeria as Shell along with its partners will be maturing several projects in support of Nigeria’s growth ambition,” Okunbor told the fair attendees. He added that Shell will create thousands of jobs that will directly benefit the Nigeria economy.

He said that the Assa North Ohaji (Anoh) gas project in Imo State is expected to generate 300 million standard cubic feet of gas per day. The plant will supply gas for domestic use to meet 70 percent of the public demand.

“Benchmark for all these projects is to meet and where possible surpass the 70 percent Nigerian Content target. Employment opportunities are huge, not to mention the spin-off in allied services,” Okunbor added.

SAHCO to list shares on Nigeria Stock Exchange following IPO plan

Skyway Aviation Handling Company PLC (SAHCO) is expected to go public in other to raise funds from investors and it will list on the Nigeria Stock Exchange no earlier than this week.

Proposed deal IPO offer by SAHCO



by way of an Offer for Sale Of


Ordinary shares of 50 k obo each
N4.65 per share

Payable in full on Application

Following the completion of its initial public offering (IPO), Skyway Aviation Handling Company (SAHCO) Plc, will this week list its shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

What does Sahco Nigeria do ?

“Skyway Aviation Handling Company Plc (SAHCO) is 100% owned by the Sifax Group and incorporated as an Aviation Ground Handling Service Provider under the Nigerian Company & Allied Matters Act of 1990.

SAHCOL which was formerly known as Skypower Aviation Handling Company Plc (SAHCO), before it was privatized and handed over to the Sifax Group on the 23rd of December 2009,was carved out of the liquidated Nigeria Airways Limited as part of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Aviation’s reform of 1996.

Skyway Aviation Handling Company Plc (SAHCO), with its new private sector management composition and orientation has kicked off the development of business models geared towards ushering in efficient service delivery. Hence, SAHCO has invested in personnel development, state-of-the-art fleet replacement and massive infrastructural development, to ensure efficient and speedy service delivery.

Our duties in SAHCO involve all the actions that take place from the time an aircraft touches down on the tarmac to the time it is airborne. We also ensure that the right assignment is carried out in an efficient, speedy and safe manner, deploying the right tools.

SAHCO is significantly present in all the commercially operated airports in Nigeria, where excellent and speedy services are offered in the following areas: Ramp handling, Passsenger handling and Cargo handling”

43 Nigeria Stock Exchange companies released important information about dividend payments

43 listed companies on the Nigeria stock Exchange have released important dates on Dividends.

This information is important to the shareholder. It includes dividend declaration dates, dividend pay amount, qualification date, closure date, and payment date.

Notable companies are Transcorp, Zenith Bank, Dangote Cement, UBA bank, FCMB bank.

First Bank bans its stock selling and meets to decide when to release their financial report

First bank board members meet ahead of the earnings A1 2019 report. The Board member is scheduled to meet on April 25, 2019, and more information will be available to the shareholders and the public after the meeting. 

The company is currently working on the earnings report for the term that ended on March 31, 2019.  April 25 meeting will focus on discussing the financial report before the firm approves the financial statements to be released to the public.

“This is to inform the public and our stakeholders that the board of directors of FBN Holdings Plc will be meeting to consider the Q1 2019 Accounts, on Thursday, April 25, 2019,” the statement said.

As a result of this development, the board has announced the commencement of a closed period, prohibiting the trading of its shares on the NSE by some set of people.

“Consequently, there will be a closed period from Thursday, April 11, 2019, till 24 hours after the accounts are filed with the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), in line with rule 17.18 of Part 2 (Issuer’s Rules) of the NSE’s Rule Book (2015),” the firm stated.

Jumia is preparing to list on New York Stock Exchange for $1.1 Billion locking out Nigerian Investors

The company is expected to go public to raise about $250 million to fund its business. The company is a market hub for online selling and buying. They started in Nigeria and they can be compared to Amazon and Alibaba. Jumia is the place to go to buy household products like technology devices, sneakers, home goods, toilet papers, sneakers and they offer services like hotel bookings, food deliveries, and other things.  

The company is valued at $1.1 billion dollars. ” The filing documents show that the company‘s operating losses increased from $173-million in 2017 to $190-million in 2018. On the other hand, turnover increased at a faster rate, suggesting the company is heading in the direction of profitability” – MSN. 

If the company lists on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), it will lock out Nigerian investors because only American citizens are allowed to invest in any stocks listed on NYSE